MoM[S] Speaking, Teaching…Seminars

Ken Nicholas of MindOnMedia[Sales] has spoken publicly on numerous occasions during his career, possessing exceptional speaking skills. As in his Sales practices, Ken adapts his approach constantly…sometimes even on the fly. Gauging the mood & temperament of his audience takes practice, and Ken excels in looking for an amusing moment to gather focus for all during his sessions.

One expert on presenting/stage fright wrote of Ken recently, “You did a great job. If I was holding a class [again soon] on stage fright and public speaking, I would have a video of you at [ event..] showing how amazing you were up there. Then after I showed the class the video, I would have explained to them that your main presenter bailed at the last minute, and the class would be even more impressed.” [July 2012]

He has appeared in front of Business/Industry groups, fellow Sales professionals, and executives from major national Brands around the US, including:

  • Gannett
  • NBC
  • Gap, Inc.
  • The Tribune Co.
  • Best Buy
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Target
  • 24-Hour Fitness
  • MediaNews
  • Freedom Communications
  • TechZulu

In recent years, Ken has spoken at these key Media & Trade group events:

  • Co-hosting the 2012 ITVfest Awards Ceremony, in Downtown LA
  • Digital Hollywood, 2012-13
  • Columbia College/Chicago, Guest Speaker – 2014
  • SAG Conservatory [Screen Actors Guild], 2011-2014
  • ITVfest/Int’l Television Festival
  • HollyShorts Film Festival, 2012
  • CNAEA [CA Newspaper Advertising Executives Association]
  • OMMA Global/San Francisco
  • iMedia Brand Summit – 2011
  • WebTVWorkshop, Hollywood – 2010-2014
  • ‘Take Action’ – A Kick-Ass Webseries Workshop with Mark Gantt – 2012

Speaking on the Webseries panel with Damian Pelliccione, WebTVWorkshop, on behalf of ITVfest & MindOnMedia[Sales]

Leading a Brand session – iMedia2011

With excellent stage presence, a warm, engaging style, and ability to gauge the level of ‘connection’ with his audience, Ken is an ideal choice when Media, Advertising, Branding & Sales is on your meeting’s agenda. Call/email for details.

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