Saying Goodbye, Bay Guardian…

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The shot captured here will apparently be the final cover ever published from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, one of the great bastions in the country for progressive, alternative journalism. Very sad to see this.

Even more sad…with MoM[S] having long been a student of media as well as a practitioner…is that this day was pretty much baked more or less for both the BG, as well as that other great liberal bastion, New York’s great Village Voice, as soon as the lovely folks from New Times reared their heads in the world out of Phoenix, to the regret of so many. Basically following radio’s acquire/purge/hollow-out model from Clear Channel, the result is now more than clear.

Yes, the web also put major pressure on books like the Bay Guardian, sure, but the legacy, and M.O., of the New Times crowd was well-known even before their disgraceful buy of the Voice, and even longer before the successful lawsuit against them in SF…set as it was, against teary, bogus ‘testimony’ from corporate [as I would allege all of this to be, as depicted.] Please.

From town to town, we had long read about their alleged thuggish, scorched-earth policies as employed by New Times. Not only against their competitors [resulting in the lawsuit above], but their very employees & reporters.

Journalism has always been rough & tumble. Ad sales, or selling Media in general, has never also been for the faint of heart. Yet you will notice that this very blog, MindOnMedia[Sales] has never advocated such practices as we read about in that lawsuit. Nor have we ever felt a need to engage in them ourselves, and yet we’ve been fortunate to experience what is arguably a reasonable successful career. One we are still enmeshed in, every minute of our life.

In the end, a free & independent press is more important to this country than any $2M moron on Wall Street, or self-important hack in DC, could ever imagine. Nothing is more important to this great country, except possibly the document that allows a free press to always be extant, the US Constitution.

We salute the Bay Guardian, brave & unwavering from its first day until its last. May independent journalism find a way to carry on against corporate tyranny and government thugs forever, always.

Sales & How You Say It…

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With the looming automation of…well, everything…it makes sense to me now that to succeed in Sales going forward, is to be anything BUT automated. And a lot of that has to do with the way you sound, what you say, and how you come across. A ‘first impression’ yes, but more than that.

Which indirectly, leads us to this recent article, and the momentary swirl it created surrounding a PR giant, Edelman, over a blog post related to a very tragic event [which we will not actually name in this writing, for reasons stated below.] See it here.

There are many ways to say things, and sometimes you just need a filter, a bit of reflection, or some sensitivity. We all do. The writer of the linked blog post clearly did in my view. While sales people can often be seen as manipulative or lacking grace, they can also alienate if they go for too much jargon, as was the case here on the PR side, I would assert.

Consider that context is everything if you would, and like it or not, the final arbiter is your recipient; whether an audience, your client, or a potential customer. In the case of Edelman with this, the ‘insider’ jargon; the context of what was being written about; was taken in a completely OTHER context than perhaps intended, which was not realized at the time. So much for “PR”, from a world-class PR firm.

While I give them credit [sort of, narrowly] for holding their ground in one sense on exactly the meaning they had intended, they bomb out hugely for not realizing how this would come across outside their own defined orbit. Using the word ‘opportunity’ as they did, may have made sense internally…but only in a very small circle. A bit tone-deaf if you ask me, at a very inopportune time.

Their audience: those same client[s], prospect[s], the public at large mentioned above, all took this a different way, and frankly, Edelman should have easily avoided such a scenario. It is after all, what they purport to advise their very clients on. Doesn’t the same apply to other areas of life, including how you deal with your own clients?

The lesson here on the Sales side regarding how Edelman dealt with this scenario [since that is after all, our focus]:::

  • Put yourself, mentally, on the ‘other’ side, as Edelman should have. The side where your audience/client/prospect sits.
  • Leave all the jargon, talking points, “closing” tactics aside, and THINK about where your client is, and what they want/need to hear. And be mindful: To become neutral for an exercise like this, is actually much harder than it appears.
  • Project how what you say & do will be received by them, in all the ways you can imagine. Then vary it, mix it up, and make changes to both parts, viewing it from as many angles as possible.

Now, while you could note that I am perilously close to the appearance of glomming-on to what is [already] a terrible tragedy & series of events following [awful in several ways], you should also note: [1] the title here gives no hint to it being related to these occurrences, and deliberately so, [2] The name of the person involved is not mentioned anywhere in this post [except inside the article link], avoiding most obvious ‘link-bait’ possibilities which could drive traffic to this blog, also deliberate, [3] Edelman is also not in the headline/subject, appearing in the 2nd paragraph, and [4] the fervent attention about this tragedy has somewhat cooled, allowing for review of all parts of what occurred here, for potential learnings by all.

So…how did THIS come across, to you? Any glaring words I missed/misused, that don’t reflect their intended meaning? I certainly hope not in this, of all MoM[S] postings.

Are You Willing to Put in the Effort? | Fearless Selling Kelley Robertson

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I don’t often re-blog the work of others, but occasionally one comes up, that captures the essence of what we write here at MoM[S], even if in a different way. Enjoy!

Are You Willing to Put in the Effort? | Fearless Selling Kelley Robertson.

MoM[S] & The Competency Development Project

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The Digital Analytics Association [DAA for short] is launching this year what they call their ‘Most Important Project of the Decade‘, known as the Digital Competency Development Project.

We support this worthy cause, not just because of the endless reports week after week in the Trades about ‘bot fraud, phantom domains/traffic, iFrame stacking, and on & on. The more professional standards put into place by leading industry groups at this point in time, the better for everyone working in the Digital space.

In fact, we have put our “support” into tangible form, having been selected to be a part of this project as a Subject Matter Expert for the concepts proposed & developed to become the defacto standards of the DAA & its professional members.

MindOnMedia[Sales] is honored to have been chosen here, and hope to provide valuable insights in this worthy cause!

Advertising across the globe…

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Even in a place you might not expect, advertising…and the business of advertising…is alive & well.

This company, On Board Medya, apparently handles the onboard media placements aboard this ferry line in Turkey, on the Bosphorus Strait.

(PS – From my meetings here this week, buying for Mobile has also gotten pretty sophisticated here and through the entire EMEA and MENA [Middle East/North Africa] regions, which you’d expect happening quicker & easier than with Desktop platforms.)

Aggregated media at work around the world!

LinkedIN Influencer Interviews: Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder & CEO of WPP

•June 12, 2014 • 1 Comment

None other than Sir Martin, head of WPP, talks about the very theme of our blog, in this excellent LinkedIN interview segment. His views & comments on Right Brain/Left Brain elements of advertising, and the ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ of the business, start at around the 3:00 minute mark. Enjoy!

See more over on SlideShare:

Diligence Displayed…Details…Determination

•June 9, 2014 • 1 Comment

Publishing, and advertising, are very tough businesses. Maybe all businesses are, in their own way. But as costs rise, and the cuts to those same costs also rise…quality almost universally drops.

Such as it is with this: a major national client, on a [now] major national web destination, with a huge typo in an ad, in that site’s headline position. Ugh. While I am not going to critique this single site, as it may be on dozens of others, it is a glaring error.


It is glaring, and it is amazing that no one; from the Design/Creative team, to the Agency planning/strategy/buying team, to the QA/Traffic team at the site…noticed this. Now yes, it is only one ad out of hundreds, and these things can happen. But with Digital ads? With Spell Check? Really?

Oh, and where were you, the Sales talent? Yes, YOU. You, that works with all sides, to ensure a proper campaign? Sure, mistakes happen, and I’m really saying this more hypothetically than directly, but this is VERIZON? A huge client.

Are you so busy that you can’t make your client [and by default, yourself] look GREAT, by pointing out what all others missed? The best in Sales, don’t miss such things. We all need to do our best, and be *that* person. It’s almost like therapy to write this here, and remind myself of such crucial items every day, even while having caught many, many typos in my career.

~ ~ ~

In the day, Conde’ Nast was famous in some circles, for things like [among many notable examples], Dinner for staff working after 8pm, and their ubiquitous ‘Car Service’ for anyone on business in town after 10pm, a perk used lavishly, to be sure. But they also had staff, and had Copy Editors, Fact Checkers, and Proofreaders. When is the last time you saw ANY of those as a title? Exactly.

Spell Check: Takes 1 second or less for three words, as in this tagline. If you ‘don’t have the time’, delegate it. Be diligent about it. The Details DO Matter.


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